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This season, I'm happy to be partnering with your league to offer Action Photos during games!

It's easy as 1...2....3.....!

1. Use the form to register your player for his/her photo day. These games will be determined by the league, and once registered, a reminder email will be sent before the big day!

2. Submit the $50 fee for game coverage.

3. Your athlete will be given an identifying band to wear on his/her cleat during the game for easy identification during play.

Register Your Athlete

Sign up and Pay Here


How's It Work?

How Will I Get
My Images?

Your $50 will cover the cost of your images in digital form. So, within a few days of the game you'll receive a link to an online gallery with your child's images. You are welcome to take them as is, in digital form for no additional cost, or order prints, posters, mugs, etc. with your favorites for all to see!

Customized magazine covers (example below) and collage posters are available too! Just ask!


The glamorous fine print...

* Because playing time varies between athletes, there is no guaranteed # of images for this style of photography.

* All images are the property of Kate Richardson Photography and may not be used for commercial or press purposes without KRP consent.  Images may be used for marketing purposes by KRP.

* Refunds will only be allowed in the case of an athlete's inability to attend/participate in gameday.

* Payment must be received before gameday to ensure your athlete is photographed.

* Any and all questions/concerns should be submitted to KRP rather than the league.

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